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D, that's me

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filipino-american, business owner, single mom, creative goddess, florist, foodie, event planner, big wes anderson fan, lover of 80's music, advocate of all things weird
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Hi, I'm Dana Floro, creator and owner of floro & fauna. As far back as I can remember, I've always created. Whether it's with pen and paper, brush and canvas, on a plate or in a vase, I've expressed myself through some art form. I took a corporate job in my early 20s as a means to care for my three kids as a single mom and ended up staying for 18 years. Even then, I connected with my creative passion by doing a few side hustles with food and flowers. My corporate career picked up and I started traveling all over the world planning sponsorship programs so I gave up my side hustles. I loved it, but part of me always felt there was something missing. Almost two decades later and well into my 40s, I decided to flip my life on its head and all that was comfortable about it. I left a dream job to start a new one and thus floro & fauna was born. Being able to capture people's personalities and bring happiness through an arrangement is why I love doing what I do!

What we do

At floro & fauna, we dream up unique floral and charcuterie arrangements based on the curious, wondrous world according to me, Dana. I'm obsessed with design and packaging and I love to color outside the lines every chance I get. Why do ordinary when there's so much more! 

Lately, we've had to do some things a little differently to stay connected and celebrate important life events. Whether it's a virtual or smaller than usual in-person event, it doesn't mean your tribe can't feel those special touches. You could be planning a cocktail party with your besties, hosting a baby shower, doing a theme birthday or something a bit more grandiose like a wedding or a family reunion. Maybe you'd like to simply remind someone you're thinking of them. We got you! We're here to make your next idea or event more memorable.

No idea is too strange (we're serious) and we can't wait to see how we can help make yours come to life.

How we do it

floro & fauna is purposely not a retail shop and we custom-create everything. If you'd like to chat about an upcoming event or anything else we can help with, please email or feel free to use the form below so we can get started. Let us know what you need and who it's for, details about what you're planning and everything in between.


Themes get us the most excited and this is where your custom piece can really shine! The more advanced notice you can give us the better, but we also understand that sometimes life can get pretty hectic. No worries if you need something turned-around quickly. We'll always try to accommodate special requests.

Prices vary depending on what you'd like to do and how customized you'd like the piece to be. We handpick our vases and vessels and these are subject to availability. Please let us know if you see something in our gallery that you'd love to use. If it's not currently available, we'll do our best to find something as close to your choice as possible. 


We're based in Palo Alto and deliver anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. To see what we're up to most days, follow our Instagram page and DM us a quick hello. We'd love to hear from you!

Let's Talk!

Thanks for reaching out. We'll hit you back shortly!

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